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I am ashamed to say, if my dates were bad I would get drunk and kiss them anyway and then never reply to their texts.

Embarrassingly, two of the guys I had added to my favourites had not responded, yet both of them had favourited AND messaged my flatmate.

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Police across Australia dealt with 239,846 domestic violence incidents in 2015, an estimated 657 domestic violence matters on average every day of the year (or one every two minutes) – calculated for police data sourced across all states and territories, collated at ABC News.

Aku akan memulai kisah ini saat aku berusia 13 tahun.

Sedari kecil, aku tidur bersama ibu, kecuali bila ayah pulang dan aku harus tidur di kamarku sendiri.

If the dates were really bad they would say, “I am sorry, you are just not my type” and leave.

One guy came up my friends nostril (yes right up it!

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