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Rude comments, false tippers and sometimes other models can bring you down. They’re probably being bitter because they either can’t have you, or can’t be you. I have felt at my absolute lowest before and actually (recently) got back on from an almost five month break due to my own self-esteem.

Don’t be weak like me, stay true to yourself and remember that you are the beautiful you, whoever you are reading this.

You don’t think those people are just filling your head, do you? It can either boost your confidence or it can completely demolish it. The key is to remember that you are here to make money and have fun.

Keep in mind that there is only one person in this world exactly like you, and guess what? Come on, you’re getting paid to sit at your house (or studio) and do what you were gonna do anyways! Don’t let that shit get to you in the slightest because you know what?

For fucks sake, I got paid to eat a piece of pizza once.

I got paid .00 for each cigarette I smoked from one of my clients.

Don’t think you are ready to do a full blown webcam site but are still interested in making money through digital adult work? In my experience doing Snapchat modeling, I’ve made a pretty penny outside of the traditional webcam sites, and to top it off, it’s loads of fun!

I have no tips for how to get out of this slump, but I do have advice on how to remember that are wonderful.

Look around at the people who love you and think you are beautiful.

And they play it off very vanilla, but it goes something like this: “If you come and live with me I’ll take care of you.” “I can fly you here and you can stay with me, I can give you spending money too.” You get the point. Some random stranger asking girls to come live with them. Anyways, there are viewers that will literally demand free shit like they are the king of your fucking world. Well fret not, because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there (yes, even the top girls). But trust me, you are more than worth the whole world.

“Show me your feet”, “show me your pussy”, “show me your ass”, “show me your tits”. I’m here to tell you something, and you need to listen to me, I don’t care if you are chubby, BBW, skinny as fuck, fit, I DON’T CARE. And to someone, whether it be me, your viewers, your best friend, your lover or even a random passerby on the street, you are immaculate and everything you do sends sparks to the core of the Earth that keeps the hot lava a blaze, you sexy thing.

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