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Me and my wife both are very likeminded and we wanted to try new positions every day.

I have been making love to my wife at least twice in a day.

So the last night it was Rekha who enjoyed the Fucking Session with me. While she was going I saw her Ass swinging that brought a hard on to me.

When I came out Akka was preparing to serve the breakfast. She looked at me and Smiled and Went as if nothing had happened.

She was pulling my cock’s skin down as much as possible and caressing the top of my cock with her index finger’s nail. She pulled my tongue inside her mouth and stared to lick. She held my cock with her soft hands and started rubbing it. I could feel her pussy clutching my cock with the each thrust. She turned her head and told “Looks like the cock is so hungry.” I replied saying “it’s been six days that it met the pussy. She was afraid what if Akka gets up and catches us in that position. I was just passing my time to make sure everyone will get sound sleep.

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