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Use social time to get to know each other’s personal side. Create Some Separation If things start to get more serious and you and your co-worker officially become a couple, it becomes awfully easy to kick things into high gear and lose sight of tip number one.

The biggest pitfall in dating someone at your office is that your work-life balance can go out the window. One of the biggest sticking points will involve the decision about whether to live together.

If your dating partner really respects you and is in the relationship for the right reasons, he should have no problem with taking the process a little more carefully than usual. Stop Talking About Work When you find yourself on that first real date outside of the office, it’ll be tempting to talk about work.

It’s the strongest connection between the two of you, and so easy to dive right into discussing a brief or upcoming hearing – but don’t do it!

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This will provide you with at least a few hours of privacy each day, but still be able to spend plenty of time together inside and outside the office.

Focus On Your Career It’s so easy to lose sight of your career goals when you get those butterflies in your stomach.

"Picking winners and losers inevitably leads to problems.When you examine office romances in particular, 39 percent of workers say they’ve dated a coworker at least once, while 17 percent report having done it multiple times.Although most relationships develop between peers, 29 percent of workers report they’ve dated someone above them on the corporate ladder.Sometimes one look is all it takes to get you thinking about someone in a different way.And though there’s nothing inherently wrong with inter-law firm dating, you must be careful. When you’re clear about that, everything else will fall into place.

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